Machine to make and place bags

- Making of boxes American style.

- Making of bags from plastic pipes on a reel.

- Pipe opening.

- Dosage and welding.

- Introduction of the bag.

- Size of the box:

Length: min. 300 mm-max 615 mm

Width: min. 125 mm- max 405 mm

Height: min. 165 mm- max 600 mm

- Cadence: Up to 600 boxes/hour according to the format


Palletized gate pal 2001-8

- Automatic gate for the caging of bottles of 8 L.

- Alternate floors of 3-4 heights.

- Production of 2500 bottles.

- Pliers with mechanical elements for fixing individual bottles.

- Multifunction system  to make alternating rows.

- Group to adapt an entire layer in order to get a continuous feeding. While unloading a load of bottles in the container the other layer is formed simultaneously.

- System for centring containers in the cargo area.