Palletizing robots

- Compact installations for palletizing of wine boxes.

- The minimum space used.

- Multifunction pliers: Handling of boxes, pallets and dividing cardboards.

- Simultaneous palletizing of one or more production lines.

- “Online” mosaic settings.

- Three, four or five palletizing stations.

Box-pallet robots

- Palletizing of two lines simultaneously for bags in box-pallet.

- Leak detection and rejection of bags with defective welds.

Case packer prosipack + Robotic palletizing cell

Wraparound case packer for bottles and palletizing robot

- Weight of boxes: 30 Kgs.

- Cadence: Versions from 10 to 25 boxes/min.

- Special handling system.

Robotic cell for bag palletizing

- Handling of bags from 15 to 25 Kgs. (containing powders of different densities)

- Handling of dividing cardboards (2).

- Pressing of bags.

- Palletizing of 2 lines simultaneouly.

- Coding of bags.

- Weight control and rejection of defective bags.

- Placing of cardboard on pallet.

- Application of glue between layers.

Robotic installation for palletizing of tissue paper

- Four simultaneous palletizing stations for boxes and industrial rolls of tissue paper.

- Delivery system for empty pallets  with 2 different stores.

- Multifunction pliers for handling empty pallets, boxes and rolls.

- An interconnecting wagon between the exit of full pallets and the delivery of these to the baling machine.

Interactive screen, selection and adjustment of mosaic and manual operations.


Robotic palletizing installation

- Palletizing of bottle packs and water boxes.

- Cadence from 7.000 to 15.000 bottles/hour.

- 2 palletizing stations.

- Automated insertion of cardboard sheets between layers on pallet.

- Storage of empty pallets for Europalet and ½ pallet CHEP.


Products to be palletized

Packs of PET bottles flat bottom:

3x2 x 1,5 l.                 6x4 x 1/3 l.
4x3 x 1,5 l.                 7x5  x  ½ l.
3x2 x 1 l.                    2x5 x 5 l.

Cardboard box:

- 12 bottles of 1,5 l

- 12 bottles of 1 l

- 20 bottles of 0,5 l GLASS

- 24 bottles of 0,25 l GLASS

- 3 botles of 5 l

Packs of PET bottles Petaloid bottom:

3x3 x 1,5 l.
4x3 x  ½ l.


Multifunction robot

- Facilities for palletizing glass bottles.

- Shrink-wrapped packs of:


2 x 3 de 0,75 L.
3 x 4 de 0,75 L.
3 x 4 de 0,33 L.
3 x 4 de 0,50 L.


- Single bottle in tray (display)