- Wraparound case packer  special version to fit packs containing tuna cans.

- Machines able to fit packs of:

2x1x1 hasta 200 packs/min
3x1x1 hasta 250 packs/min
3x2x1 hasta 150 packs/min
4x1x1 hasta 200 packs/min

- Grouped in boxes of:

(6x4) 24 packs de 2x1
(4x4) 16 packs de 3x1
(8x4) 32 packs de 3x1
(4x4) 16 packs de 3x2
(6x4) 24 packs de 4x1

Machine that makes boxes PT-700 with gluing unit and /or self-adhesive tape on bottom flaps.

- Combined production of 500 boxes/ hour.

- It allows us to adapt the format/size of desired box.

- Double store: it works  with two different formats simultaneously.

This machine makes high production boxes PT-900

- Production of 900 boxes/hour.

- Easy and quick format change.

- More autonomy because of its large storage capacity.

- It comes with gluing unit and/or self-adhesive tape on bottom flaps.


Length: min. 240 mm – máx. 350 mm
Width: min. 160 mm – máx. 250 mm
Height: min. 165 mm – máx. 350 mm