- Semiautomatic and automatic depalletizers for bottles and cans.

- Extractor full version with interlayer.





Depalletizers for bottles

- Multi depalletizer.

- Automatic extraction of trays and separators.

- Stackers for unloaded and empty pallets.

- Transfer table to 1 line.

- Bottles:

ø 61,5 mm                  L= 165,5 mm
ø 65,3 mm                   L= 174,8 mm
ø 60,5 mm                   L= 176,5 mm
ø 60,8 mm                   L= 210,0 mm
ø 87,8 mm                   L= 315,7 mm
ø 57,2  mm                  L= 185,0 mm

Robotic palletizing cell

- Palletizing of bottles in plastic boxes; Single bottles and pack of 2

- Robotic depalletizing with empty plastic boxes

- Fitting of single bottles in plastic boxes. It is always carried out simultaneously in three boxes:

Bottles of  5L           Groups of  18

Bottles of  8L           Groups of  12

Bottles of 10L          Groups of  9

- The same fitting robot is used for display palletizing and automatic stretch wrapping.